Azure DevOps Pipeline Specialist


Place: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
English Level: Pro
Availability: Full time

Remote work accepted

  •  Manage, develop, build CI/CD pipeline, including: Check cede quality; Unit, integration and functional tests implementation; PowerShell scripting fer custom tasks automation; Environments strategy understanding;

  • Strong experience in configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Microsoft based systems;

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud:

    • ARM templates writing, setup automation for resources provisioning (Azure Power.Shell);

    • Azure services (Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Storage Account;

    • Understanding of load balancers, DNS, virtual networks and firewalls in cloud environment;

    • Setup monitoring (performance metrics, OMS)

    • Azure Active Directory basics (Azure AD authentication; Users and groups; Roles)

  • Customer-oriented, diligent, proactive, focused on achieving customer's business objectives as top priority;

  • Demonstrate excellent engineering & automation skill s in the context of cloud based global platform/product delivery using continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD)

  • Demonstrate ability to rapidly learn new and emerging technologies with ability to rapidly define engineering standards and produce automation code

  • Operational abilities including early life support and driving root cause analysis and remediation

  • Must be a ble to communicate fluently in English, both written and verbal

  • Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills to contribute as a leading member of global, distributed teams focused on delivering quality services and solutions

  • Able to distill complex technical challenges to actionable and explainable decisions

  • Inspire DevSecOps teams by building consensus and mediating compromises when necessary.

Argentina TE: 54-11-4736-4367

Guatemala TE 50-2-4014-2257

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